New XRT500 Dual Side Keyboard Remote


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New XRT500 Dual Side Keyboard Remote —

Beyution factory : FEATURES: New XRT500 Dual side keyboard remote with back light fit for VIZIO Smart LCD LED TV;,Do not need any program, only put into new battery can work well.,Fit for below models: P602UI-B3 P652UI-B2 RS65-BL M602I-B3 E401i-a3 M471i-A2 M501D M501DA2 M501D-A2 M501dA2R M501d-A2R M551d-A2 M551d-A2R M601d-A3 M651d-A2 M651D-A2R M701DA3 M701d-A3 M801d-A3 M501D M43-C1 M43C1 M49-C1 M49C1 M50-C1 M50C1 M55-C2 M55C2 M60-C3 M60C3 M65-C1 M70-C3 M70C3 M75-C1 M75C1 M80-C3 M80C3 M322I-B1 M322IB1 M422I-B1 M422IB1 M492I-B2 M492IB2 M502I-B1 M552I-B2,M552IB2 M602I-B3 M602IBE M652I-B2 M602IBE M652I-B2 M652IB2 M702I-B3 M702IB3 P502UIB1 P502UIB1E P552UIB2 P602UIB3 P652UIB2 P702UI-B3 P702UIB3 RS65-BL RS65BL 398GR08BEVZ00J 1420026984 00111203121 M322I-B1 M422I-B1 P502UI-B1 M602I-B3 P502ui-B1E P602UI-B3 P652UI-B2 M502i-B1 P502ui-B1E P502ui-B1 M602I-B3 M422I-B1 M602I-B3 M652IB2 M702I-B3 M702IB3 M322IB1 M422IB1 M492I-B2 M492IB2,Note: if have any doubt after you got the product, please contact us, we will reply and solve for you! Thank you!

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