MicroUSB to USB 4 Port OTG Hub for Raspberry Pi Zero (MicroUSB to 4 US


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MicroUSB to USB 4 Port OTG Hub for Raspberry Pi Zero (MicroUSB to 4 USB 2.0, White) —

LoveRPi : FEATURES: FULL SIZE USB PORTS FOR RASPBERRY PI ZERO: Simple plug and play USB hub for MicroUSB OTG capable devices including HP, Lenovo, Dell, and Acer Computers and Tablets.,REQUIRES HIGH QUALITY 1A OR HIGHER POWER CAPABILITY: The host device must provide adequate power to the connected USB devices or the USB devices may not be recognized or disconnect during use. For Raspberry Pi Zero, we recommend using our LoveRPi 2.5A certified power supply with power switch for best results.,NON-BLOCKING PORTS: Our hub is laid out so that multiple USB devices can be plugged in without blocking each other. It is laid out ideally so that each port can be used and interference is minimized.,FULL SPEED USB 2.0 PASSTHROUGH: Get the most bandwidth for your USB based devices without sacrificing performance through our reliable USB hub chipset.,AVAILABLE IN BLACK AND WHITE AND PROJECT READY: Need to add USB ports to a Raspberry Pi 0 project? The external case can be disassembled by pulling the top and bottom apart. Integrate it directly into your customized project!

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