DOWNLOAD MaxstoirX WP Plugin- Extra Fields plus Sellbrite To WC API REAL TIME Data Sync

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MaxstoirX – Extra Fields plus Sellbrite To WC API REAL TIME Data Sync

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DOWNLOAD MaxstoirX WP Plugin- Extra Fields plus Sellbrite To WC API REAL TIME Data Sync


I spent 2 years designing, developing, researchings API’s, Writing LOTS of SQL in MYSQL, Building a Website and WordPress plugins in PHP ( stumbling around PHP I didn’t program PHP alot until now), getting to know the way WordPress works internally with functions and processes, testing ting this plugins million times and then syncing of WP Products from 5 websites with my plugin to my and the integration of the Extra Fields Woocommerce refused to add the products.

Help me support my 2 Autistic Kids – now adults and still home , Michael 23 and Faith 23,
I take care of them 24/7 and they are learning to run a store, since I cannot have them work.
Your not just buying a great plugin but supporting me and my kids if you buy this.

I solved 2 problems
1) WooCommerce refuses to add needed Product fields by default:  CONDITION, BRAND, MPN. BIN LOCATION, EPID, GTIN
2) SELLBRITE (Owned by a Large Corporation  – THE LARGEST DOMAIN REGISTRAR – GODADDY) Will not Update Sellbrite to send over these fields because they didnt exist in WooCommerce thanks to WooCommerce another multi Million Dollar Coporation with MANY programmers.


I was tired of having FEEDS complaining because they did not receive MPN, BRAND, CONDITION or what EVERY ecommerce like WOOCOOMERCE SHOULD HAVE but WooCommerce Fails to add that field to the products. Instead they want you to buy a plugin for $29 for just CONDITION, then more $$ for MPN, BNRAND and other fields costing more and more.

I was sick of it and made a plan to create a plugin that would have those extra fields built into PRODUCTS to use with FB and Google FEEDS, 2 year later I went much further.
While working on those fields I was also pissed because SellBrite that sent products to my website dooes NOT supply the same IMPORTANT fields like CONDITION, MPN, BRAND, BIN LOCATION at the very least to WOOCOMMERCE just price, cty etc. I called SellBrite and WooCommerce after emailing them asking them about this and BOTH FAIL to repsond and didn’t care or haver any plans to change the fields being pushed to WooCommerce or adding them to WooCommerce. I was going to fix that.

While working on the Extra Fields I decided to go even further. I wanted to get all my data synced from WooCommerce to my new Website called MaxStoir.Com that would allow unlimited WooComerce store to push thier products to the website creating own marketplace. After more than a YEAR I got that done but soon after I pulled the plugin back to the extended fields (I still use the plugin that syncs my store to check it out, click an item and it jump to my websites Version 9.0) The reason I pulled the plugin back was due to the fact I had to do alot of marketing and documentaion but I didn’t have the time after 2 years of working on it.

So after all that I finally created API links to sellbrite and was syncing all my woocommerce to sellbrite inventory VIA API and I ended up taking it  a step further using the API for REAL TIME product viewing data instead of updating the products in Woocommerce at intervals, why not pull the data REAL TIME so that what the buyer is looking is CURRENT DATA in WooCommerce and the Extended data from SellBrite since they don’t provide it and have no plans of doing so.

MexstoirX now gives you the extra fields, allows you to use them in any other plugins or feeds as: maxstoirx_mpn, maxstoir_condition, maxstoirx_bin_location, maxstoir_brand and maxstoir_sellbrite_category ALL PULLED FROM SELLBRITE FOR EACH PRODUCT!


Here is a SQL example to show all MaxStoirX fields if you have access to MySQL and the plugin is loaded:
SELECT * FROM `cwv_postmeta` WHERE `meta_key` like ‘%_maxstoir%’;
SELECT DISTINCT `meta_key` FROM `cwv_postmeta` WHERE `meta_key` LIKE ‘%_maxstoir%’ ORDER by `meta_key`;

So I took it another step further, instead of downloading it at intervals first Everyday, then HOUR then MINUTEs,
it worked but I wanted better, less work keeping the inventory products sync between SellBrite and Woocommerce.

Since I could get to the data on Sellbrite for the WooCommerce Product REAL TIME when the product is viewed.

So Here it is, REAL TIME DATA WHILE VIEWING THE PRODUCT , wordpress screenshots :









(see Next Image at the bottom)


MaxstoirX – Extra Fields plus Sellbrite To WC API REAL TIME Data Sync was created. When logged in as Admin into WordPress you will see the section above where it says
======  API MODE – ADMIN ONLY =======  the buyer does not see that data. You also have a link to Sellbrite IF the product was sent over by Sellbrite. the PRODUCT HAS TO BE IN BOTH SELLBRITE AND WORDPRESS PRODUCTS TO REAL TIME SYNC VIA API!

So it saves alot of steps managing the inventory in WooCommerce and Sellbrite when you can  you jump to the SELLBRITE product dand view it that is linked to WOOCOMMERCE making it 10 times easier to manag Inventory on both sides. Make changes to fields mapped from Sellbrite to WooCommerce then refresh the Product webpage, it’s updated.  The Extra Field Data for REAL TIME via API is not saved to the database.

DATABASE mose allows you to use the Extended fields so you can import and update data on the website NOT Using the API for those that DON’T have Sellbrite but want the extended fields ont he Product Page, of feed these extra fields to Google , FaceBook etc using other plugins, the fields are available. My extended fields can be updated via API if that is needed, On the screen below change the API to DATABASE for the plugin toNOT use API calls and use the database locally. When you set it to NONE, it doesn’t show the ExtraFields on the PRODUCT PAGE BUT you can still update the fields and use them for FEEDS if that is all you need them for like FEED ELITE and ALL IN ONE IMPORt. I tested a bunch and it worked fine importing and Exporting data to the MaxstoirX Extended Fields.

MaxstoirX just means Maxstoir with eXtended fields, the original Maxstoir was the API, Database, NONE Mode along with Syncing my products up to  the website:
The orignal goal of was a much larger project. It included the

  1. Add Custom Fields To the database to use with FEEDS and Product display
  2. Show the Custom Fields on the Product Page for Buyer
  3. Create a way for me to Sync all Sellbrite Data with WooCommerce  on a seperate webpage click 1 button (I still have that and use it for 1200 products I have)
  4. Maxstoir was made to allow 1000’s of websites to use my plugin (ONly smaller sites – see and all of us would have our products synced to 1 website, when buyrs search they search all out sebsites for that 1 product, when found if your site had it they clicked on the image and it jumps to that website. Meaning I dont have product data, it’s on your site, they purchase on your site, Maxstoir.Com is nothing more than a Google for Products. This way they can’t get me less legal crap, copyright issues etc.. a Napster if you will 😉 If you were young enough to know about the basically the father of BitTorrent that has brought us to CryptoCurruncies.
  5. A Website was created ( MaxStoir.Com ) as a centrol site for product searches allowing buys to shop accross multiple sites without knowing that. Gives SMALL sellers a chance.
  6. Sadly, 99% of Maxstoir was completed and actually it was taken further with the inclusion of the REAL TME API SYNC. I just couldn’t finish the Documentation and mainly the marketing to get the owrd out and orders in so it could mainly help SMALL SELLERS with less than 500 products. So they could finally make a sell bercause I know what is like and Google and Facebook. I didn’t make a dime feeding products, issue after issue, need this and that, blocked this and that. Google and Facebook treats you like criminals and hounds you to give them money for sales after they suck you in with so called FREE services.  It’s a bait amnd switch trap.
  7. So I recently made the decision for me to keep the full plugin and use MaxStoir.Com and slowly update it may be. Instead of moving forward with the whole project I decided I removed 1/2 the code and drop back to Extended Fields and API whic I really like by iteself anyways. This way I could get it out to people. NO ONE was these features with Sellbrite and many plugins are ALOT more for Custom Fields or limited if they are FREE.


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DOWNLOAD MaxstoirX WP Plugin- Extra Fields plus Sellbrite To WC API REAL TIME Data Sync
Original price was: $50.00.Current price is: $30.00.