Cable Matters 2 Pack 2 Slot Polarized Power Cord (2 Slot Ac Power Cabl


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Cable Matters 2 Pack 2 Slot Polarized Power Cord (2 Slot Ac Power Cable) 3 Feet, Ul Listed (Nema 1-15P To Iec C7) —

Cable Matters : Features: Figure 8 Polarized Power Cord Replaces A Misplaced Or Short Factory Tv Polarized Power Cord; Connect A Tv, Modem, Router, Speakers Or Sewing Machine An Iec 60320-C7 Connector; Port; Difficult To Find Cable Is Also Referred To As Figure Of 8 Cable With A Polarized Receptacle Because Of The Flat Side,18Awg Gauge Polarized Power Cable Is Rated For 7 Amps And Up To 125 Volts To Support Current And Older Model Equipment That Uses Two Conductor Polarized Power Cords; Flexible Ac Power Cord Has Fully Molded Strain Relief Connectors With Easy-Grip Features To Provide Long Life, Durability And Ease Of Use; Check The Plug On Your Equipment To Verify That One Side Has A Flat Polarized Side,Cost Effective 2-Pack Of Replacement Power Cords Provides A Spare Cable To Leave In Place In Hard To Reach Areas; A Lifetime Warranty And Product Support Are Included With Polarized Power Cable For Peace Of Mind When Purchasing,Pt-2 7A/125V Rating Easily Supports The Power Needs Of A Vizio Tv Including Model E241Ia1 E500Ib1 E50C1 E55C1 D50Ud1 P55C1 D43D1 D32Xd1 D40D1 D40Ud1 D55Ud1 D43Ne1 D28Hnd1 D50E1 D40Fe1 D32Ff1 M75C1 D24Ff1 E320B1 M65C1 P50C1 M50E1 E280Ib1 M49C1 E320Ib1 D32Hc1 D32Hnxe1 D39Fe1 M50D1 E65E1 M50C1 P55E1 E390B1 E50E1 D50Ne1 D24D1 E32Hc1 E32D1 D24He1 E24C1 E32C1 M43C1 E241Ib1 E241A1 M322Ib1 D32Hd1 D32Hne1 E55F1 E65F1 D32Fe1,Universal 2 Slot Polarized Compatibility With Certain Models Of Consumer Products Such As The Comcast Xfinity X1 Cable Box, Verizon Fios Dvr, Sony Playstation Ps1/Ps2, Vizio And Sharp Tvs, Sewing Machines From Brother And Singer, Holmes Fan Replacement Cord, Certain Models Of Bose Speakers, And Older Cd Players


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